An Instance of Sovereign Grace

Here are some words John Newton wrote in March, 1775, to a friend and fellow minister of the gospel.  The dialogue had to do with what we might call the “spiritual ups and downs” of the Christian life.  Newton wrote, “The enemy assaults me more by sap than storm; and I am ready to think… Continue reading An Instance of Sovereign Grace

Help For Depression: Setting up Support

A few days ago, I gave a brief review on Broken Minds by Steve and Robyn Bloem.  After fighting through some intense depression and counseling those who also struggle with depression, Steve wrote a basic list on how to build support systems.  For those of you who face depression or help those who do, here's… Continue reading Help For Depression: Setting up Support

Gen X: Jaded and Shallow?

 In his excellent book, Against Happiness, Eric Wilson discusses (among other things) melancholy's "wonderous paradox," which is "the ability to be serious and playful at once."  "The mood fosters an ability to be utterly involved in the suffering world but also, at the same time, out of the game, above the fray, aloof, tranquil, as graceful… Continue reading Gen X: Jaded and Shallow?

On Being Sad

That Americans will do almost anything to enjoy a happy life here and now is news to very few people.  Books, drugs, plastic surgery, therapy, amulets, meditation, exercise, stocks, bonds, clothes, phones, sermons, food, and everything else is consumed by Americans in search of a happy and almost stress free life.  We spend half of… Continue reading On Being Sad