The Great Longing of Our Souls… (Willard)

One thing I've found very helpful for my Christian life is reading books outside of my own Christian tradition. While I very much agree with historic Reformed authors (Turretin, Owen, Bavinck, Berkhof, etc.), I've also been challenged and blessed by Christian authors who are outside Reformed circles. For one example, I thoroughly enjoy the writings… Continue reading The Great Longing of Our Souls… (Willard)

Meditation: The Food of Your Souls (Brooks)

Psalm 119:15 has been on my mind today: "I will meditate on Your precepts / And regard Your ways" (NASB). In preparation for a short sermon series on biblical meditation I've come across some very helpful resources on the topic. For the next few weeks I'll try to remember to share some here. For today,… Continue reading Meditation: The Food of Your Souls (Brooks)

A Funeral Meditation

While preparing a funeral homily on Revelation 1.18 for a member of the church I serve, I ran across this amazing meditation by James Ramsey (d. 1871). "The Living One has died.  Oh, believers, could we only enter more fully into the meaning and the glorious and necessary results of that death on the cross, we should… Continue reading A Funeral Meditation

For Students of Prayer

 One way to grow in our Christian sighs and prayers is to assume our life long position as students - by learning from wise teachers.  Here are a few resources I've found helpful when studying the Lord's Prayer or prayer in general.  (Note: these are not in any special order; I also realize there are other… Continue reading For Students of Prayer

Introverts in the Church

 Someone mentioned Adam McHugh's new book to me: Introverts in the Church: Finding our Place in an Extroverted Culture (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2009).  As a pastor, the topic fascinated me so I quickly ordered it.  It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I wasn't disappointed.  I can even identify with introverts, since there are times… Continue reading Introverts in the Church