‘Faith Alone’ in The Medieval Church

 Yesterday I mentioned a good book on the early church (From Nicaea to Chalcedon); today I want to highlight another excellent book on church history.  This time, the focus is on the Medieval era (600-1300).  It is volume III of Jaroslav Pelikan's The Christian Tradition and the subtitle is The Growth of Medieval Theology.  Here's one part… Continue reading ‘Faith Alone’ in The Medieval Church

Late Medieval Catechism vs the Heidelberg Catechism

In the medieval era, the Church had several catechisms for the average church-goer. These were simple Q/A catechisms translated from Latin into the common tongue. One of these (among others) is quite helpful for evaluating the dark spiritual climate of the later middle ages. The Mirror of a Christian Man by Dietrich Kolde (1470; 19… Continue reading Late Medieval Catechism vs the Heidelberg Catechism