Suffering, Bioethics, and the Gospel

In the past, I’ve noted that Gilbert Meilaender (a Lutheran theologian and bioethicist) has written some helpful essays and books on bioethics.  Specifically worth noting is the third edition of Bioethics: A Primer for Christians.  In the opening chapter, he says the following about suffering. “Suffering is not a good thing, not something one ought… Continue reading Suffering, Bioethics, and the Gospel

Medicine, Patients, and Patience

In a most excellent essay on Christians facing illness, Hauerwas chastens modern medical practice and ethics: "Modern medicine was formed by a modern culture that forced upon medicine the impossible role of bandaging the wounds of societies that are built upon the premise that God does not matter" (p 352). Modern medicine, he continues, is… Continue reading Medicine, Patients, and Patience