A Prelude to Apostasy: Habitual Avoidance of Public Worship

Sadly, some Christians do not make it a habit or custom to regularly worship God together with other Christians.  For various reasons (a majority of them sinful!) some Christians simply skip corporate worship Lord’s Day after Lord’s Day.  Scripture is clear, however: God’s people must regularly worship him with others!  Hebrews 10:25 talks about “not… Continue reading A Prelude to Apostasy: Habitual Avoidance of Public Worship

Historic Reformed Churches: Belief and Practice

  As the pastor of a church in an area where almost no one has been in a liturgical, confessional Reformed church, I get many questions about all sorts of things - from worship to eschatology to the sacraments.  In the past few years, visitors (some who have become members) have asked me about our liturgy, what the… Continue reading Historic Reformed Churches: Belief and Practice

Entertaining Ourselves To Death

 In the United States, our culture is largely based upon and driven by entertainment.  From TV News, to political talk shows, to the job site, to Christian worship, to the school room, to your drive home, everyone is always being entertained.  And like good Americans, we typically run to the newest and most entertaining thing.  Many Christian churches cater to… Continue reading Entertaining Ourselves To Death

The Marks of God’s Children

I confess: usually when I think about a book on Christian piety I cringe and think "pietism."  And usually books on Christian living fall into a moralistic guide book dotted with Scripture.  However, Jean Taffin's (b. 1529) book, The Marks of God's Children is not a moralistic code book akin to a book of virtue. … Continue reading The Marks of God’s Children

Prayer as a Means of Grace?

The Westminster Standards (Presbyterian Confessions) and the Three Forms of Unity (Reformed Confessions) are so very close in so very many ways. One area that some have highlighted a difference is the point where the WCF calls prayer a means of grace while the Heidelberg does not go that far. For example, the Westminster Larger… Continue reading Prayer as a Means of Grace?