A Simple Summary of OT Hebrew Words & Vowels (Schwab)

 I understand that not all Christians are interested in biblical Hebrew.  It's certainly not a requirement that if you want to be a Christian you must learn Hebrew.  We should never make it seem like someone is a "better" Christian if he or she knows Hebrew (or Greek for that  matter).  However, since the OT… Continue reading A Simple Summary of OT Hebrew Words & Vowels (Schwab)

Hebrew Masoretic Accent Marks

Learning Hebrew is a daunting task - and that's an understatement! It takes years of actually interacting with the Hebrew text to take steps forward in understanding the language more. One of those steps in learning Hebrew is understanding the basics of the Masoretic accent marks (not the vowels, but those other dashes, dots, and… Continue reading Hebrew Masoretic Accent Marks

A Brief History of Hebrew Vowels

Ever wonder how the transcribing/copying of the Hebrew Bible developed over time?  Mark Futato has a helpful summary: 1) During the original phase, Hebrew was written without any vowels indicated in the script.  The letters qdoc could have meant ‘righteousness,’ ‘his righteousness,’ they are righteous,’ etc.  This phase was before King David, ca. 1,400 B.C.… Continue reading A Brief History of Hebrew Vowels