Self-Absorbed in Worship? (Boice)

 We've all heard the contemporary praise song that says "I will" more than a few times.   Phrases like "I will celebrate," "I will sing to God," "I will praise God," are sung and repeated many times in the same song.   Here are James Montgomery Boice's comments on such a song: The chorus seems to… Continue reading Self-Absorbed in Worship? (Boice)

Christian Words (Marva Dawn)

I picked this up for well under $10 (used) a few weeks back: Talking the Walk: Letting Christian Language Live Again by Marva Dawn.  It is a neat book, something like a devotional glossary of Christian terms.  Dawn briefly discusses words like Messiah, Good Shepherd, confession, guilt, mystery, substitution, and redemption - around 70 total… Continue reading Christian Words (Marva Dawn)