If Thou Drawest Me Not (Huss)

 In 1415 John Huss was in prison for "heresies" such as saying that belief in the Pope is not necessary for salvation, that laypeople should be able to drink the wine in the Lord's Supper, and for pointing out other inconsistencies and immorality in the Church.  Huss also faced many false accusations, such as the… Continue reading If Thou Drawest Me Not (Huss)

The Scottish Reformation: Patrick Hamilton

 Patrick Hamilton (b. 1504) grew up in early 16th century Scotland in the Roman Catholic Church there.  He was very much a scholar, studying philosophy and theology under some of the prominent professors at St. Andrew's.  He most likely rubbed shoulders with John Knox during his studies, but there is little or no indication that… Continue reading The Scottish Reformation: Patrick Hamilton

Christians: Rebels Deserving Death (Schaeffer)

 Although I have read several books by Francis Schaeffer, I haven't read one of his more popular ones called How Should We Then Live?  I'm around the halfway point and so far I'm enjoying it.  Right near the beginning, Schaeffer talked about Roman persecution of Christians in the early centuries of the church.  I like how… Continue reading Christians: Rebels Deserving Death (Schaeffer)

Every Real Martyr A Conqueror

One of the many volumes Abraham Kuyper wrote is called His Decease At Jerusalem.  It’s an excellent collection of devotional essays on Christ’s passion and death.  This morning I ran across the following paragraphs, in which Kuyper discussed the fact that Jesus’ followers slept while he labored in prayer concerning his upcoming suffering: “Seeing them… Continue reading Every Real Martyr A Conqueror

Turing From Idols: Ancient Syriac Documents

In volume 8 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers (ANF), there are some ancient Syriac documents which "made the cut" and are included, though the authorship, date, and occasions are not always known.  It is also clear that some of these Syriac documents have additions and subtractions.  However, they do preserve for us at least in general… Continue reading Turing From Idols: Ancient Syriac Documents