Luther on His Severe Attacks of the Roman Catholic Church

In 1520 Martin Luther wrote - among other things - three treatises that became very popular. In many ways these three treatises are a must-read for students of the Reformation. These treatises are as follows: "To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation," "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church," and "The Freedom of a Christian."… Continue reading Luther on His Severe Attacks of the Roman Catholic Church

Prayers When Death Draws Near (Luther)

Here are a few prayers of Martin Luther for the time when death draws near. Notice how in the second prayer the thought of death makes Luther pray for Christ's return. We can learn about prayer from these prayers! My dear God, if you want this to be the hour of death, let your will… Continue reading Prayers When Death Draws Near (Luther)

Martin Luther on Grace Alone

This is a repost from March 15, 2011. Here are some great words from Martin Luther on salvation by grace alone.  These quotes are from a sermon on Titus 3:4-8 and can be found in volume 3 of Baker’s 7-volume set of Luther’s sermons (edited by J. N. Lenker and others). “So he [Paul in… Continue reading Martin Luther on Grace Alone

To Elsie, My Dear Friend in Christ (Luther)

Here's a great Reformation resource: Luther's Letters to Women. It was originally translated by Georgiana Malcom and published in 1865. It contains quite a few letters Luther wrote to his wife Katherine and other female Christian friends of his. These letters are not just a window into the Reformer's historical context, life, and thought, they… Continue reading To Elsie, My Dear Friend in Christ (Luther)

…Neither in Prayer, Merit, Nor Works… (Luther)

Yesterday I mentioned that I just got Luther's Letters from Logos for $28. I started reading a few today and immediately was convinced that this is an awesome set to own. I had to force myself to stop reading and get other work done! Anyway, below is a letter that Luther wrote to Johann von… Continue reading …Neither in Prayer, Merit, Nor Works… (Luther)