Election and Evangelism (Bucer)

 Some people say that the doctrine of election is a hindrance to evangelism.  I do admit that a hyper-calvinist view of election is a hindrance to evangelism.  However, a historic Reformed, biblical view of election does not get in the way of evangelism at all.  Martin Bucer (d. 1551) put it quite well when he was… Continue reading Election and Evangelism (Bucer)

Full-Time​ Sermon Critics (Bucer)

 I'm thankful that God's people I serve in my pastoral ministry do not bombard me with harsh critiques of my sermons.  It's a blessing to minister to people who generally listen carefully and respect the preached Word.  Now, it is true that some people in the pews are constantly critical of biblical sermons.  This can… Continue reading Full-Time​ Sermon Critics (Bucer)

No Matter How Wretched… (Bucer)

 Martin Bucer's writing on pastoral theology is an outstanding Reformation resource on this topic.  It's called Concerning the True Care of Souls.  There are many excellent parts in it, but one that stood out to me today as I was reading my underlines is this one on the free offer of the gospel in the pastoral… Continue reading No Matter How Wretched… (Bucer)

The Pastor and Feeding Christ’s Sheep (Bucer)

 Martin Bucer's (d.1551) pastoral theology book Concerning the True Care of Souls is a wonderful resource.  I recently came across this section that I had marked up - it's a good reminder for those of our readers who are pastors! When St. Peter is asked for the third time if he loves the Lord, and himself… Continue reading The Pastor and Feeding Christ’s Sheep (Bucer)