The Duties in Marriage (Vincent)

 (This is a repost from September 2012) In Thomas Vincent’s discussion of the Westminster Shorter Catechism he explains and applies the fifth commandment to husbands and wives in their duties to one another.  I’ve abbreviated and edited it slightly.  As you read, remember that solid Christian doctrine leads to solid Christian living: the two go hand… Continue reading The Duties in Marriage (Vincent)

The Mentality of an Abuser

Many of us know people that are manipulative, abusive, and unstable yet put on a good façade and trick many people (even in the church).  Good questions arise: what is the mentality of an abusive person?  How can we spot him?  What type of thinking, speaking, and acting do abusers display?  Jeff Crippen and Anna… Continue reading The Mentality of an Abuser

Marriage Isn’t the Gospel (Miller)

 The Bible speaks of marriage as something God instituted for the good of humanity.  Even before the fall, it was good that man (Adam) and woman Eve) were united.  Christians should uphold the biblical teaching of marriage, for sure.  However, marriage isn't at the center of the Christian faith.  An unmarried person who follows Jesus… Continue reading Marriage Isn’t the Gospel (Miller)

The Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

 The Bible teaches that in a marriage relationship the wife needs to submit to her own husband (e.g. Eph. 5:24).  However, the Bible says so many other things about wives and women.  If we focus too much on the call to submit and nearly ignore the other biblical teaching on wives and women, it often… Continue reading The Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

The Brain, Sex, and Our Hook-Up Culture (McIlhaney & Bush)

 This is a unique and helpful book: Hooked: The Brain Science on How Casual Sex Affects Human Development by Joe McIlhaney and Freda McKissic.  Hooked is an in-depth look at what sex does to a person's brain.  Most people in our culture think that the casual, hook-up kind of sexual encounter is a no-strings-attached, easy-come-easy-go type of… Continue reading The Brain, Sex, and Our Hook-Up Culture (McIlhaney & Bush)