God Hates Divorce: Slogan or Scripture?

Several weeks ago, I noted how some common translations of Malachi 2:16 are unhelpful because they make the text say that God hates divorce (e.g. NKJV, KJV, NIV).  However, the Malachi 2:16 doesn’t say that; it says, ‘For the man who hates and divorces,’ says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘covers his garment with… Continue reading God Hates Divorce: Slogan or Scripture?

Christian Marriage and the Christian Church

I very much appreciate this emphasis on the importance of the Christian church for Christian marriage.  It is found in chapter one of Love That Lasts by Gary & Betsy Ricucci. “Simply put, Jesus is building his church (Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 4:15-16), and the local church is the biblical home for Christian marriage, the indispensable… Continue reading Christian Marriage and the Christian Church

Sin, Grace, and Marriage

 Here are a few great quotes from this helpful marriage book: When Sinners Say 'I Do' by Dave Harvey. "Looking first at our own sin as a root cause of the problems in our marriages is not easy, and it certainly doesn't 'come naturally.'  The sin that remains in your heart and mine opposes God… Continue reading Sin, Grace, and Marriage