The Christian Attitude toward the Lord’s Teaching (Futato)

I appreciate Mark Futato's commentary on the Psalms in the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary. It's not terribly long, but it does give helpful textual notes as well as application insights. For example, Futato doesn't give a verse-by-verse commentary on Psalm 119 (although I wish he would have!). However, he does a great job of summarizing the… Continue reading The Christian Attitude toward the Lord’s Teaching (Futato)

Known by God; Knowing God (Futato)

 So far I've appreciated Mark Futato's commentary on the Psalms in the Tyndale Cornerstone Biblical Commentary series. It's somewhat brief, but Futato does a good job in giving enough textual, interpretive, and application details to make it worth reading.   For example, while studying Psalm 139 this week I found this helpful note in Futato's… Continue reading Known by God; Knowing God (Futato)

A Brief History of Hebrew Vowels

Ever wonder how the transcribing/copying of the Hebrew Bible developed over time?  Mark Futato has a helpful summary: 1) During the original phase, Hebrew was written without any vowels indicated in the script.  The letters qdoc could have meant ‘righteousness,’ ‘his righteousness,’ they are righteous,’ etc.  This phase was before King David, ca. 1,400 B.C.… Continue reading A Brief History of Hebrew Vowels

The Titles of the Psalms (II): Canonical?

A few days back, I posted on the topic of whether the Psalm titles are original.  The conclusion there was that they are not necessarily original to the particular psalm but were most likely added by a scribe at a latter date.  Now, we turn to a few reasons why Futato says they are canonical (i.e.… Continue reading The Titles of the Psalms (II): Canonical?

The Titles of the Psalms: Original?

I've gone back and forth while contemplating and studying the titles of the psalms (i.e. Ps. 18's For the choir director [NLT]).  Were these titles written by the original author of the psalm?   Are they original or later additions?  Are they canonical and inspired?  By way of summary, here are what a few psalm scholars say.… Continue reading The Titles of the Psalms: Original?