Septuaginta: Reader’s Edition

When studying the NT in depth, it's hard to miss the fact that many NT authors often cite or quote a Greek version of the Hebrew OT. For two examples of many, in 1 Cor. 10:7 Paul quotes a Greek version of Exodus 32.6 word for word. In Rom. 15:3 the apostle quotes a Greek… Continue reading Septuaginta: Reader’s Edition

The Titles of the Psalms: Original?

I've gone back and forth while contemplating and studying the titles of the psalms (i.e. Ps. 18's For the choir director [NLT]).  Were these titles written by the original author of the psalm?   Are they original or later additions?  Are they canonical and inspired?  By way of summary, here are what a few psalm scholars say.… Continue reading The Titles of the Psalms: Original?

What is the Septuagint?

Since we just mentioned Everett Ferguson's new book on baptism in the early church (the first 5 centuries), it may be helpful to mention his other work on the early historical context of the church: Backgrounds of Early Christianity. This is an awesome resource for NT studies - a 650 page treasure full of great… Continue reading What is the Septuagint?