Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

As a few of our readers may know, in some small pockets of Reformed Christianity there is strong opposition to making distinctions in the way Christ reigns over the world.  Some say we must not distinguish between Christ’s general rule over all and his saving rule over his church.  (FYI, if you’ve not heard of… Continue reading Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

Historic Lutheran Hymnody

Around 10 years ago I ran across this outstanding collection of historic Lutheran hymns: Martin Luther: Hymns, Ballads, Chants, Truth.  Since I’ve been listening to some of them recently, I though it would be fitting to mention them here.  This collection of hymns contains 39 tracks, along with some brief narrative and quotes from Luther. … Continue reading Historic Lutheran Hymnody

Charles Hodge on Justification

If you haven’t read Charles Hodge’s (d. 1878) explanation of justification in his Systematic Theology, I recommend you do so sooner than later.  You’re in for a real treat!  It’s not too tough to read (aside from the untranslated Latin), it’s well structured, and it is under 100 pages long.  Here are a few excerpts… Continue reading Charles Hodge on Justification

Forde On Luther’s “Heresy”

Just got this collection of essays by Lutheran theologian Gerhard Forde (d. 2005): A More Radical Gospel.  Here’s a great part of one of Forde’s sermons on Psalm 74:22-23 – the sermon is called Exsurge Domine! “[Luther’s] life in a peculiar way became the mirror, the vehicle of the cause, and he saw it.  Luther’s… Continue reading Forde On Luther’s “Heresy”

Erasing Traumatic Memories?

Gilbert Meilaender, the Lutheran theologian and bioethicist, has some very helpful essays on ethics and the Christian life.  I've read his book Bioethics before, which I really enjoyed.  I also own a collection of his essays called The Freedom of a Christian.  I appreciate all the essays, though one that sticks out for me is… Continue reading Erasing Traumatic Memories?