Cyril on Faith and Grace (Commentary on Luke)

It’s been a treat to read Cyril of Alexandria’s (d. 444) commentary on the Gospel of Luke.  Some of his insights have been quite helpful; in fact, I’ve leaned on his interpretation more than a few times in my studies and sermons on Luke.  Recently I read Cyril’s exposition of Luke 7:36-50, where a sinful… Continue reading Cyril on Faith and Grace (Commentary on Luke)

Daniel, Luke, and the Ascension of Christ

Douglas Farrow has a nice comparison of Daniel 7's apocalyptic images and Luke's two-fold emphasis on the ascension of Christ (Luke 24 and Acts 1-2).  See Ascension and Ecclesia (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1999), 24-6. "Daniel and Luke-Acts are clearly engaged in telling one and the same story, about the same great journey of God's elect, with… Continue reading Daniel, Luke, and the Ascension of Christ