Growing in Christ: Creed, Commandments, and Prayer

I've found J. I. Packer's Growing in Christ to be a helpful and brief summary of the basics of the Christian faith: the themes of the Apostle's Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer.  Indeed, most Reformation catechisms contain discussions of these three basics since even young children can learn and should know them. … Continue reading Growing in Christ: Creed, Commandments, and Prayer

Kuyper and Kingdoms

 In his fine book that deals with the person and work of the Holy Spirit, Abraham Kuyper talks about prayer and the Holy Spirit's role in it.  The section is quite good.  One thing that stuck out to me was how Kuyper explained intercessory prayer with regard to the phrase, "Thy kingdom come."  He said this first of all has… Continue reading Kuyper and Kingdoms

Growing (Painfully!) In The Gospel: P.T. Forsyth

One of the neat things about running a book blog is the recommendations we get from time to time.  We appreciate it when you notice the different kinds of books we enjoy and then let us know what you think we'd enjoy based on our blog posts.  Awhile back one of you mentioned that we… Continue reading Growing (Painfully!) In The Gospel: P.T. Forsyth

Tertullian’s Summary of the Lord’s Prayer

Almost every good commentator says that the Lord's Prayer is a summary of so much apostolic teaching.  Tertullian (d. 220 AD) said the same.  What things does the Lord's Prayer contain in summary form?  Tertullian gives a concise example. "The honor of God in the 'Father,' the testimony of faith in the 'name,' the offering… Continue reading Tertullian’s Summary of the Lord’s Prayer

Praying With Cyprian (As It Were)

In Treatise IV (written in 252 AD) from volume 5 of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, Cyprian comments on prayer in general and the Lord's Prayer specifically.  It is an awesome treatise, well worth the read (as I noted a few days ago).   Here are a few great quotes from this treatise. "It is a loving and… Continue reading Praying With Cyprian (As It Were)