Good Commentary on the Minor Prophets (Great Price Too!)

T. E. McComiskey has edited a great shorter commentary series on the Minor Prophets.  I own the older version in three separate hardcovers, but Baker recently republished it (Jan 2009) as a single volume (hardcover).   It is big and fat (just over 1400 pages), but it is well worth the 30 bucks (+ a small… Continue reading Good Commentary on the Minor Prophets (Great Price Too!)

Lincoln, Testimony, and Criticism

A. T. Lincoln, in his book emphasizing the trial/witness motif in John's Gospel, has some helpful comments concerning critics of the biblical canon.  He talks about testimony, and how everyone relies on quite a bit of testimony without evaluating in full the scientific truth of the testimony.  (Example: a person asks "Where is the Post… Continue reading Lincoln, Testimony, and Criticism