Sale Notice: Excellent Reformed Resources on Logos

I typically don't do blog posts like this, but I just noticed that Logos Bible Software is having a pretty good sale on some very good Reformed resources. And I hope our readers don't mind me posting a list of the sales here - maybe it'll be of some use for some people! If not,… Continue reading Sale Notice: Excellent Reformed Resources on Logos

My Thoughts on The New Logos 9 Bible Software

Today Logos Bible Software released the newest version: Logos 9. I've been using Logos for around eight years and I'm very impressed with this software in almost every way. Most of the time I've been pleased with the updates and new features that are added. The same goes for Logos 9. This truly is a… Continue reading My Thoughts on The New Logos 9 Bible Software

A Money Saving Way to Grow a Logos 8 Library

 I realize that not all of our readers are interested in Bible software.  Certainly you can study Scripture very well without computer software!  In fact, sometimes Bible study is better without screens because usually distractions come with screens.  However, for some Christians, Bible software is a good tool that helps with in-depth Bible study and… Continue reading A Money Saving Way to Grow a Logos 8 Library

Three Excellent (Lesser-Known?) Logos Resources

 I've been using Logos Bible software for around two years now, and I keep finding various jewels in my collection.  Although I could list a few more, here are three that I recently began using quite a bit.  These are three resources I've come to value and appreciate for my studies in Scripture.  I hadn't heard… Continue reading Three Excellent (Lesser-Known?) Logos Resources