Logical Arguments and Critical Theory (Pluckrose/Lindsay

I've mentioned critical theory here before and I said I'd come back to it again. In this post, I want to mention another helpful resource on critical theory: Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay. This isn't a Christian book and I don't agree… Continue reading Logical Arguments and Critical Theory (Pluckrose/Lindsay

A Code of Conduct for Arguments and Discussions

The Bible teaches that God’s people are to be truth-telling, truth-loving, and truth-promoting people (Ex. 20:16, Eph. 4:25, 6:14, etc.).  Although truth has to do with more than just our words, we are called to be honest, clear, and not deceitful when we talk, discuss, make an argument, or defend a position. Speaking of this… Continue reading A Code of Conduct for Arguments and Discussions

Television, Vigilance, Truth

 Douglas Groothuis calls television an agent of truth decay in today’s (post-)postmodern world.  Os Guinness, in Fit Bodies, Fat Minds, from a slightly different angle, comes to a similar conclusion.  So this post and the one quoting Groothuis should be read together. [[Before I quote Guinness, I do want to note that I’m not saying… Continue reading Television, Vigilance, Truth

God’s Existence and Biology: A Whopping Non Sequitur

This section of Paul Copan's Is God A Moral Monster caught my attention.  (Note: it is part of a much larger argument, so I can't quote the whole thing here). "The inventor Thomas Edison said that humans are 'incurably religious.'  History certainly bears this out.  But why have humans been so religiously inclined across the… Continue reading God’s Existence and Biology: A Whopping Non Sequitur