Liturgies for Daily Worship: A Review

Here’s an interesting book of daily devotions: Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship by Jonathan Gibson. The book is pretty much what you’d expect from the title. It’s a 31 day collection of liturgies for the day. For example, there’s a call to worship, a prayer of adoration, a reading of the… Continue reading Liturgies for Daily Worship: A Review

Pietism, Subjectivism, and Christian Worship (Clark)

The pietist movement and subjectivism are two things - among others - that have corroded, watered down, and weakened Christian worship in our day.  When all the emphasis is on the self, feelings, experiences, and emotions, you know you're in the realm of pietism and subjectivism. In this type of worship, the objective truths of Scripture -… Continue reading Pietism, Subjectivism, and Christian Worship (Clark)

Modalism and Modern Worship (Horton)

 One of the many blessings of a liturgy shaped by biblical truths and phrases is that it gets in you.  If a liturgy is full of biblical truth, it teaches the truth.  Both kids and adults learn good theology from a good liturgy.  On the other hand, if a liturgy doesn't closely follow Scripture or… Continue reading Modalism and Modern Worship (Horton)

Book of Psalms for Worship: Recommended

Though I’m not an exclusive psalmist, I do agree with this: “Congregations do well to sing the metrical versions or other musical settings of the Psalms frequently in public worship” (OPC Directory for Worship II.B.2).  In the church I serve, we sing Psalms often and we also follow the practice of other Reformed/Presbyterian churches by… Continue reading Book of Psalms for Worship: Recommended

You Are What You Sing

 Note: This is a slightly edited repost from September, 2010. If you’ve been to an average American church, no doubt you know what a cheesy Christian song is all about.  From “Shine Jesus Shine” to "From The Inside Out" to “I Can Only Imagine,” solid theology is out and emotions and feelings are in.   I… Continue reading You Are What You Sing