Not Taking the Bible Literally

From a historic Christian perspective we do take the Bible literally. The story of the flood is not a made-up legend. Goliath really was an incredibly tall man whom young David killed with a stone. We didn't make up the episodes where Jesus miraculously healed people and even brought them back from the dead. The… Continue reading Not Taking the Bible Literally

Should We Take the Bible Literally?

The historic Christian faith is a faith that takes the Bible very seriously.  For example, in Reformed theology, we say God's Word is sufficient, necessary, clear, and authoritative (among other things).  But should we take the Bible literally?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, we take it literally in what it says and teaches; we shouldn't… Continue reading Should We Take the Bible Literally?

A Literal Translation?

I used to think "literal" Bible translations were the best.  I no longer hold that view for several different reasons which would take too much time to discuss here.  However, I do want to point out just one small part of this bigger discussion by noting a helpful section of Kevin Vanhoozer's Is There a Meaning in… Continue reading A Literal Translation?

Geerhardus Vos on Kingdom

 Is the kingdom of God a process of development or social utopia?  Let's ask Vos: "Side by side with 'the future age,' and characterizing it from a less formal point of view, the phrase 'kingdom of God' designates the consummate state, as it will exist for believers after the judgment.  Jesus, while making the kingdom… Continue reading Geerhardus Vos on Kingdom