How To Hear a Sermon (Watson)

 Since I've read quite a few books on preaching, I've always wanted to write a book for Christians called, "How To Listen," since listening well is an art.  I think the generalization is true: people just don't listen well today.  Our attention spans are miserably... (now I forgot what I was going to say...).  Anyway, here are some good… Continue reading How To Hear a Sermon (Watson)

Bonhoeffer on Listening to One Another

 Among the countless other excellent passages in Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer is his section under "Ministry" (Christian Service; p. 97-99).  I'm especially thinking of his notes on how Christians should listen to one another.  This piggybacks from what Adam McHugh noted (in Introverts in the Church) about evangelicalism being too talkative and chatty. "Christians,… Continue reading Bonhoeffer on Listening to One Another

Faith: Shut Your Eyes and Listen!

One reason why true faith fluctuates so much is because it is fundamentally not something for our eyes (cf John 20.29, Rom 10. 17, 2 Cor 5.7, Pet 1.8).  We cannot see Jesus here, as the Heidelberg says, "In his human nature Christ is not now on earth" (Q/A 47).  Christian faith has to do… Continue reading Faith: Shut Your Eyes and Listen!