Legalism Indulges the Sinful Nature (Bridges)

 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.... You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free" (Gal. 5:1; 13 NIV).  One awesome outcome of Christ's death and resurrection is that we are free in Christ.  Now it is true that sometimes Christians flaunt their freedom by bragging about what kind of… Continue reading Legalism Indulges the Sinful Nature (Bridges)

The Liberty of the Will (Muller)

  I appreciate how Richard Muller summarizes the Reformed understanding of the human will under his entry "libertas naturae" in Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms: "The freedom or liberty of nature; viz., the liberty that is proper to a being given its particular nature.  No being, not even omnipotent God, can act contrary… Continue reading The Liberty of the Will (Muller)

Moderation, Contentment, and Christian Liberty (Calvin)

John Calvin's section on Christian liberty in his Institutes is one of my favorite parts of this outstanding book.  It's biblical, Christ centered, founded on grace, pastoral, and very level-headed.  At one point Calvin says that Christian freedom does not mean we can be luxury-seeking gluttons and drunks who chase after our own lusts.  Note… Continue reading Moderation, Contentment, and Christian Liberty (Calvin)

The Conscience, Love, and Submission

I've always been fascinated by the human conscience.  Maybe it started about 20 years ago when I first read Luther's self-defense where he said his conscience was held captive by God's Word.  Maybe my interest in the conscience started when I was learning about freedom of conscience in the context of the Reformation and sola… Continue reading The Conscience, Love, and Submission

The Christian School, American Liberty, and the Christian Faith

I'm thankful to God for the small but solid Christian school I attended in rural Northwest Iowa some years back; I'm also thankful for the small but solid Christian school my kids attend today here in Western Wisconsin.  On the topic of Christian schools, this speech J. G. Machen gave in 1933 at the "Educational… Continue reading The Christian School, American Liberty, and the Christian Faith