A Religion of Merit or a Religion of Grace? (Machen)

Many endorsements of many new Christian books say things like "must read" or "must have on your shelves" or "this book is a modern classic." The cynic in me rolls my eyes at these kinds of endorsements; in some ways it is just hype. Forgive me for my cynicism! Now I do believe there are… Continue reading A Religion of Merit or a Religion of Grace? (Machen)

Pastors Protecting People from the Real God? (Lovelace)

This section of Richard Lovelace's The Dynamics of Spiritual Life caught my eye this morning. The following quote comes right after Lovelace's mention of the Protestant Reformation and its emphasis on Scripture's teaching about the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, and man's need for justification by faith, not works. Subsequent generations, however, gradually… Continue reading Pastors Protecting People from the Real God? (Lovelace)

When the Church Becomes Worldly (Guinness)

 Here's a helpful commentary by Os Guinness on worldliness in the church: It would be idle to speculate what terrible new order today's trendy clerics and faithless Christian activists are greasing the slipway for.  But we need not wait for the outcome.  The truth is that the greatest enemy of the Western church is not… Continue reading When the Church Becomes Worldly (Guinness)

Abandon Facts but Keep Feelings? (Machen)

Liberalism is not new.  The liberal seminary magazines I get in the mail are printed in full color and talk about smartphones, laptops, and podcasts, but the liberalism in them pre-dates today's technology.  The magazine I got in the mail last week doesn't mention the cross, sin or the resurrection, and it barely mentions Jesus… Continue reading Abandon Facts but Keep Feelings? (Machen)

Is The Church Ours To Reinvent? (Guinness)

  I love the subtitle of Os Guinness' 2003 book, Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to the Idol of Relevance.  In this book, among other things, Guinness talks about how the church often assimilates modern assumptions and practices which lead to worldliness.  Speaking of the church assimilating modern practices, Guinness writes this: "The last generation of… Continue reading Is The Church Ours To Reinvent? (Guinness)