Compassion and Evangelism

I appreciate these words by Lesslie Newbigin from his book, A Word in Season. “In the old days we used to do a lot of street preaching.  I have done a lot of it myself, and I believe in it.  I cannot accept the view that would seek to downgrade evangelism.  …If you do not… Continue reading Compassion and Evangelism

Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Society

Here are some great concluding words from a great book, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society. “I want to suggest the word ‘confidence’ as the one which designates the proper attitude.  In a pluralist society, any confident affirmation of the truth is met by the response, ‘Why should I believe this rather than that?’  Every… Continue reading Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Society

Lesslie Newbigin on the Gospel of John

In case some of you are unaware of it, I want to point out Lesslie Newbigin's exposition of the fourth Gospel: The Light Has Come.  It isn't a critical-exegetical commentary, so it won't replace those on your shelves.  However, Newbigin does interact with the story of John quite well and draws out some threads and… Continue reading Lesslie Newbigin on the Gospel of John

Evangelism, the Church, and the Holy Spirit (Newbigin)

Here's a great section from a great book: A Word in Season by Lesslie Newbigin."We have good news to tell.  Before we begin to think about how it is communicated, it is well that we begin with a negative point.  It is not communicated if the question uppermost in our minds is about the survival… Continue reading Evangelism, the Church, and the Holy Spirit (Newbigin)

The American Captivity of Christianity

 The lecture that Lesslie Newbigin gave in Stuttgart, Germany in 1994 is just as timely today as it was back then - if not more so.  It is called "The Cultural Captivity of Western Christianity as a Challenge to a Missionary Church."  I believe this article is something that all solid and serious Christians should read as… Continue reading The American Captivity of Christianity