If That Is Not Darkness…! (Luther)

As most of us know quite well, one biblical way to think about the Lord is that he's our loving, kind, patient, and good shepherd (Ps. 23, John 10, etc.). He loves us, his sheep, so much that he laid down his life for us. Having the Lord Jesus as our shepherd is a source… Continue reading If That Is Not Darkness…! (Luther)

To Distinguish is To Avoid Trouble (Manton)

In his treatise "The Life of Faith" Thomas Manton (d. 1677) spent a few paragraphs explaining from Scripture how to improve on cheerfully "walking with God in a course of obedience." One way is to meditate on God's promises. Another way is to plead those promises. Still another way is to "counterbalance things." What does… Continue reading To Distinguish is To Avoid Trouble (Manton)

The Indicative and Imperative (Machen)

Here's what J. G. Machen said about the "imitation of Christ" movement just over 100 years ago: “It seems never to have occurred to the adherents of this religion that there is such a thing as sin, and that sin places an awful gulf between man and God.  But those convictions, though they are unpopular… Continue reading The Indicative and Imperative (Machen)

The Two Principal Parts of Scripture (Beza)

Theodore Beza Here's a helpful explanation of the law/gospel distinction by Theodore Beza (d. 1564): We divide this Word into two principal parts or kinds: the one is called the "Law", the other the "Gospel". For all the rest can be gathered under the one or the other of these two headings.What we call Law… Continue reading The Two Principal Parts of Scripture (Beza)

Know These Two Things: Law and Gospel

Here's a wonderful section of Walter Marshall's 1692 publication, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification: The most effectual knowledge for your salvation is to understand these two points: 1) the desperate sinfulness and misery of your own natural condition, and 2) the alone sufficiency of the grace of God in Christ for your salvation, that you… Continue reading Know These Two Things: Law and Gospel