The Gospel Gives; The Law Demands (Walther)

 The more I preach and teach in a historic Christian church, the more I see the value in properly distinguishing between the law and the gospel.  Luther and the subsequent Reformers were not exaggerating when they strongly emphasized the need to distinguish between law and gospel.  Here's how C. F. W. Walther explained it in… Continue reading The Gospel Gives; The Law Demands (Walther)

The Law/Gospel Distinction: A Big Help in Understanding Scripture (Boston)

Why did Thomas Boston (d. 1732) strongly endorse "The Marrow of Modern Divinity" and write study notes for it? Because he wanted Christians to understand the biblical and practical aspects of the law/gospel distinction. Here's Boston in his own words: That which I aim at, and intend therein, is to show unto myself, and others… Continue reading The Law/Gospel Distinction: A Big Help in Understanding Scripture (Boston)

The Law Says… The Gospel Says…

In his 19th century book, The Christian Ministry, Charles Bridges takes some time to explain the necessity of preaching the law and the gospel rightly.  He talks clearly about a law/gospel distinction as well as the third use of the law (the law as a guide of gratitude).  At one point, he quotes Scottish reformer, Patrick… Continue reading The Law Says… The Gospel Says…

The Law/Gospel Distinction in Scotland

John Colquhoun (d. 1827) was a minister in the Church of Scotland for 46 years.  Colquhoun was influenced by Thomas Boston and ended up writing quite a few books on theological topics like the covenant of grace, the covenant of works, repentance, and faith.  Below is a selection from his Treatise on the Law and… Continue reading The Law/Gospel Distinction in Scotland