Figures of Speech in the Bible (Bullinger)

 The text of Scripture, like other texts and writings, contains many figures of speech.  The Bible is not a textbook or manual that uses wooden propositions that are always literal and bland.  When you read recipes or the instructions for your daughter's new bike, you're not going to find many figures of speech.  You'll just… Continue reading Figures of Speech in the Bible (Bullinger)

Christian Writing, Vulgar Speech, and William Tyndale

 Sadly and unfortunately there are Christian books, blogs, and other Christian writings that contain coarse and vulgar language.  Although I don't read blogs very often, I've read enough to know that some popular Christian blogs use edgy and crude language.  I've read enough blogs and Christian social media to know that some authors use sketchy… Continue reading Christian Writing, Vulgar Speech, and William Tyndale

Keeping Up Your Greek

In college, we used Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek.  In seminary, we used Baugh’s First John Reader and his Primer.  I enjoyed these grammars, learned much from them, and still value them (although somehow, somewhere, I lost Mounce; I need to get another copy!). In order to keep up my Greek I recently purchased David… Continue reading Keeping Up Your Greek

Christian Words (Marva Dawn)

I picked this up for well under $10 (used) a few weeks back: Talking the Walk: Letting Christian Language Live Again by Marva Dawn.  It is a neat book, something like a devotional glossary of Christian terms.  Dawn briefly discusses words like Messiah, Good Shepherd, confession, guilt, mystery, substitution, and redemption - around 70 total… Continue reading Christian Words (Marva Dawn)