Some Great Quotes by Abraham Kuyper

While looking for a certain quote, I was reading through my highlights in To be Near unto God by Abraham Kuyper. I had forgotten some of the great lines in this helpful book. If you've not read it, and you want to read some Kuyper, I recommend it! Here are some of my favorite shorter… Continue reading Some Great Quotes by Abraham Kuyper

Natural Law and Two Kingdoms: Conclusion

Though I had hoped to finish doing a very brief run-down of VanDrunen's new book last week, I'll have to settle for briefly finishing it up today.  I'm picking up with chapter eight, where VanDrunen discusses Barth and the Reformed doctrines of natural law and the two kingdoms.  Essentially, says VanDrunen, Barth rejected the natural law and two kingdoms doctrines because… Continue reading Natural Law and Two Kingdoms: Conclusion

Natural Law and Two Kingdoms in Reformed History

When I was in college, I had a class on "spiritual formation" that was basically a huge dose of medieval mysticism with just a touch of English puritanism.  (I've wondered since then if this teacher of mine knew what the English Puritans said about Rome!)  Since the class was de-forming my "spirituality" (I did NOT… Continue reading Natural Law and Two Kingdoms in Reformed History

Kuyper on Children and the Lord’s Supper

In his helpful little booklet, The Implications of Public Confessions (trans. Henry Zylstra, [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1934]), Abraham Kuyper wrote about the aspects of public confession of faith.  In it he commented on baptized children and the Lord's Supper: should kids partake? An infant "is not yet qualified to receive the sacrament of nourishment.  We must… Continue reading Kuyper on Children and the Lord’s Supper

Kuyper on Covenants (Works/Grace) Part III of III

Ending (for now) this series of posts on Kuyper's clear affirmation and appreciation of the CoW/CoG distinction, we see how Kuyper views pre-fall Adam in contrast to the Christian.  Again, this is taken from The Work of the Holy Spirit (New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1900).  It should be read with the first two similar posts (parts… Continue reading Kuyper on Covenants (Works/Grace) Part III of III