Christian Websites, Christian Research

  From time to time I get questions about the legitimacy of certain Christian websites and online articles.  I’m thankful for this on two levels: first, Christians are researching and studying; second, they are asking me, a trained and ordained pastor, for guidance in studies.  Those are good things!  At the same time, I have… Continue reading Christian Websites, Christian Research

The Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel: Another Advocate

In John 14.16, 26; 15.26, and 16.7, Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the "Paraclete." The context is Jesus comforting his disciples: "Even though I am really leaving you, don't worry - I'm sending another One like me who will dwell in you, teach you, and remind you of who I am and what I've done.… Continue reading The Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel: Another Advocate