Knowledge and Emotional Experience (Boice)

In the opening pages of Foundations of the Christian Faith, James Montgomery Boice talked about knowledge in general and also about knowing God. He explained that in our context, there are two main views of knowledge: knowledge by reason alone and knowledge by experience. Concerning the latter, here's what Boice wrote back in 1986: In… Continue reading Knowledge and Emotional Experience (Boice)

I Felt Led To…

 Common phrases in evangelicalism today include "I felt led to...", "God told me to....", and "The Lord laid it on my heart to...."  I now cringe every time someone uses these phrases because I've heard so many unbiblical endings to them.  In fact, I've seen people's lives take a million tough twists and turns because they were "following the promptings… Continue reading I Felt Led To…

Staying within the Limits of Revelation

In Calvin's treatise called "God's Eternal Predestination and Secret Providence" (an awesome piece of writing!) the Reformer continually calls his readers to stay within the limits of what God has revealed to us concerning predestination and providence.  Here's one of the more memorable lines (one of many): "Those who seek to know more than God has revealed… Continue reading Staying within the Limits of Revelation

Personal Knowledge: Polanyi

I now know why Michael Polanyi's Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy (Chicago: University of Chicago, 1962) is highly cited and appropriated by quite a few modern theologians and philosophers: because it is an outstanding work.  In some ways, it is parallel to Barth's bombshell, only in the realm of epistemology.  This "bomb" from Polanyi… Continue reading Personal Knowledge: Polanyi