Knowledge and Emotional Experience (Boice)

In the opening pages of Foundations of the Christian Faith, James Montgomery Boice talked about knowledge in general and also about knowing God. He explained that in our context, there are two main views of knowledge: knowledge by reason alone and knowledge by experience. Concerning the latter, here's what Boice wrote back in 1986: In… Continue reading Knowledge and Emotional Experience (Boice)

“…It Is Not God You Comprehend” (Augustine/Bavinck)

When the Bible talks about knowing God it does not mean a person can or will know God exhaustively, comprehensively, or fully (e.g. Is. 40:13ff, 1 Cor. 2:16, etc.). But it does mean there is such a thing as true and saving knowledge of God (e.g. 1 John 2:13). As various theologians have rightly said,… Continue reading “…It Is Not God You Comprehend” (Augustine/Bavinck)

Known by God; Knowing God (Futato)

 So far I've appreciated Mark Futato's commentary on the Psalms in the Tyndale Cornerstone Biblical Commentary series. It's somewhat brief, but Futato does a good job in giving enough textual, interpretive, and application details to make it worth reading.   For example, while studying Psalm 139 this week I found this helpful note in Futato's… Continue reading Known by God; Knowing God (Futato)

“Comprehend Him Ye Cannot”

When Thomas Boston talked about the Christian's duty to love God, he said that we need to know God in order to truly love him.  But Boston was careful to explain this knowledge by using a great phrase: "Comprehend him ye cannot, but apprehend him ye must, as he has revealed himself." Richard Muller summarizes… Continue reading “Comprehend Him Ye Cannot”