God’s Kingdom: From OT to NT

In chapter six of An Old Testament Theology, Bruce Waltke argues that the center of the OT is that Israel’s God, who is holy and merciful, glorifies himself by establishing his rule through the Messiah; the Lord’s Prayer “Hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come” encapsulates this center, Waltke notes.  After discussing this theme in… Continue reading God’s Kingdom: From OT to NT

Hodge on Christ’s Twofold Reign

Charles Hodge (d. 1878) spoke about Christ’s twofold kingship like other Reformed theologians spoke of it (see here).  Hodge said, “Christ exercises his royal authority, so to speak, in different spheres.”  Here’s a summary of Hodge’s discussion, found in his Systematic Theology, III.XI.3-4. 1) Christ’s dominion over the universe.  Christ has what theologians are accustomed… Continue reading Hodge on Christ’s Twofold Reign

Reformed Kingdom Ethics

      Last week, I mentioned the historic Reformed distinction between the two kingdoms – God’s kingdom of power and his kingdom of grace/glory (LINK).  Along with this kingdom distinction, Reformed theology has taught what we might call a kingdom ethic.  Or, to ask a catechism question, what do we pray for when we… Continue reading Reformed Kingdom Ethics

Turretin and Bavinck on the Kingdom(s)

In historic Reformed theology the doctrine of Christ’s kingdom(s) has usually been discussed like this: Christ is king generally over all things (this is called the kingdom of power).  More specifically and savingly, Christ is king over his people (this is called the kingdom of grace [here and now] and the kingdom of glory [the… Continue reading Turretin and Bavinck on the Kingdom(s)

Ushering In The Kingdom?

  I’ve heard of church (and para-church) mission statements and flyers that talk about bringing God’s kingdom to this city or that city by cleaning up neighborhoods, reforming city hall, and getting rid of gangs.  While I’m certainly not against those things, I’d argue they are not “kingdom work.”  I’m not comfortable with this type… Continue reading Ushering In The Kingdom?