We Share in Christ’s Anointing

When studying the person and work of Christ in Scripture, one thing we should not overlook is how Christ is our prophet, priest, and king. Throughout the Bible one can find language and themes that highlight Christ's role of being the final and great prophet (Heb. 1:1-3). There's language throughout Hebrews about Christ having the… Continue reading We Share in Christ’s Anointing

God’s Kingdom: From OT to NT

In chapter six of An Old Testament Theology, Bruce Waltke argues that the center of the OT is that Israel’s God, who is holy and merciful, glorifies himself by establishing his rule through the Messiah; the Lord’s Prayer “Hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come” encapsulates this center, Waltke notes.  After discussing this theme in… Continue reading God’s Kingdom: From OT to NT

Bavinck on the Two Kingdoms

Earlier, I noted how some Reformed teachers from around 1700 talked about the two kingdoms, the two-fold reign of Christ.  For review, Thomas Watson, Wilhelmus a Brakel, and others like them talked about Christ's general reign over all things and his special reign over the church.  The former is the kingdom of power and the… Continue reading Bavinck on the Two Kingdoms