David: “If Only I Had Died Instead…” (Vannoy)

King David's son Absalom died a pretty tragic and brutal death. In his desire to take over his dad's throne, Absalom gained support and gathered up an army. He went East to fight David's forces who had fled from Jerusalem to the other side of the Jordan River. It was a civil war in which… Continue reading David: “If Only I Had Died Instead…” (Vannoy)

The Hiddenness of God’s Sovereignty (Davis)

At one point during David's reign he and his administration actually had to flee Jerusalem (2 Sam. 15-18). Absalom, David's son, had built up an army and was bent on taking the throne for himself. So David thought it best to leave the city. But David did appoint a spy to gather information from Absalom's… Continue reading The Hiddenness of God’s Sovereignty (Davis)

Yahweh the Leveler, Yahweh the Warrior (Davis)

In 2 Samuel 5:17-25 and 1 Chronicles 14:8-17 Scripture gives us the story of David's back to back victories over the Philistines. After David was anointed as king over all of Israel and Judah, the Philistines attacked. Both times David prayed to God for guidance. Both times the Lord gave David a great victory. In… Continue reading Yahweh the Leveler, Yahweh the Warrior (Davis)

How Jerusalem Became “The City of David” – A Brief Explanation

In the Bible, it's not uncommon for Jerusalem to be called "The City of David." In most English translations, the phrase "City of David" is found around 45 times. The first time this name for Jerusalem appears in Scripture is 2 Samuel 5:7 (cf. 1 Chr. 11:5). As the story goes, king David and his… Continue reading How Jerusalem Became “The City of David” – A Brief Explanation

Never Take Revenge

In 2 Samuel 4, two Israelite men kill Saul's son, king Ish-Bosheth. These two men (Rechab and Baanah) then brought Ish-Bosheth's head to David. They said that this was God's vengeance against Saul for trying to kill David. David disagreed. When he answered them, David opened with these words: "As surely as the Lord lives,… Continue reading Never Take Revenge