The Kindness of God in the Gospel (Luther)

 In Titus 3:4-5 the apostle Paul wrote about the goodness (χρηστότης) and kindness (φιλανθρωπία) of God in saving sinners by his mercy and not their merit.  While it is true that God is just and will punish the hard-hearted unrepentant sinner, it is equally true that he is good and kind towards sinners.  We can't… Continue reading The Kindness of God in the Gospel (Luther)

There Are No Degrees In Justification

Christians sometimes have a tendency to make the “gate” or “way” more narrow than Jesus made it (Matt. 7:13).  Not only is this sinful and arrogant, it also portrays the Lord as strict, harsh, unmerciful, and unkind – when in reality he is gentle, meek, merciful, and full of loving-kindness beyond our comprehension.  I appreciate… Continue reading There Are No Degrees In Justification