The Gospel: Redoubled Effort to Follow Moral Rules?

"What makes you faithful or generous is not just a redoubled effort to follow moral rules.  Rather, all change comes from deepening your understanding of the salvation of Christ and living out of the changes that understanding creates in your heart.  Faith in the gospel restructures our motivations, our self-understanding, our identity, and our view… Continue reading The Gospel: Redoubled Effort to Follow Moral Rules?

Christianity: So Bloody Arrogant(?)!

We've all heard or read things like this: "To say that Jesus is the only way to peace with God is arrogant and intolerant.  To say that the truths of Christianity are the 'True Truths' is snobbish and condescending."  I'm sure you can add a few more. These may at times seem to contain a… Continue reading Christianity: So Bloody Arrogant(?)!

Keller: Get in a Church!

As a pastor, I've heard people tell me that they - or someone they know - don't go to a local church because of its problems.  Alternatively, there is something they don't like about it.  They wind up "worshiping" at a "home church" with their immediate family.  There are a thousand things wrong with this… Continue reading Keller: Get in a Church!

Keller on Intolerant Communities

Here's another great point to ponder from Keller.  He's answering objections that Christianity is intolerant and exclusive.  Critics say "human communities should instead be completely inclusive, open to all on the basis of our common humanity." However, argues Keller, "the idea of a totally inclusive an illusion."  "Every account of justice and reason is… Continue reading Keller on Intolerant Communities

Keller: The Reason for God (Part I)

So far, the reviews have been dead on: this book is remarkable (Timothy Keller, The Reason for God [New York: Dutton, 2008]).  I'll say more on it later.  For now, enjoy this blurb from pages 23-27. Keller responds to the ubiquitous atheist chorus: "If a good and powerful God exists, he would not allow pointless… Continue reading Keller: The Reason for God (Part I)