Justin Martyr on the Resurrection of the Body

I've finished one section of my patristics reading, namely Justin Martyr.  Last week I posted a bit by him on worship in the early church.  This time, I'll quote a bit of what he said concerning the resurrection of the body, which was a great read.  The piece (actually not the complete one) is called… Continue reading Justin Martyr on the Resurrection of the Body

Sunday with Justin

Martyr, that is.  I've begun a long and awesome trek through the 10 volume Ante-Nicene Fathers (Ed. A. Roberts & J. Donaldson [Peabody: Hendrickson, 2004]).  I wanted to invest in a good theology/history set and "covenant" with myself to read it straight through, so the patristics won over Barth for now.  The next few months,… Continue reading Sunday with Justin