Persecution: Why Doesn’t God Do Something? (Stott)

The Christians who were part of the new church plant in Thessalonica around 50AD knew quite a bit about persecution and suffering. Not only did they receive the Word with much affliction, they also had to deal with ongoing persecution (1 Thes. 1:6; 2 Thes. 1:5, etc.). And it was serious enough that Paul, Timothy,… Continue reading Persecution: Why Doesn’t God Do Something? (Stott)

Denying Hell? (Turretin)

The last section of Francis Turretin's Institutes appropriately covers the doctrine of the last things (eschatology). Turretin's seventh question is this: "Is there a hell? And what are its punishments...?" Turretin immediately says yes, hell is real and it is a place of punishment for the wicked. He gives numerous Scripture quotations to defend the… Continue reading Denying Hell? (Turretin)

Trusting God’s Justice When We Can’t Trace It (Augustine)

 In book 20, chapter 2 of City of God, Augustine discusses the difficult reality that sometimes the wicked prosper (Ps. 73:3) while the righteous suffer (cf. Job).  Here are Augustine's comments on this reality and how it corresponds to God's justice, which we as his people should trust. ...For not only are the good sometimes unfortunate… Continue reading Trusting God’s Justice When We Can’t Trace It (Augustine)

Hatred, Forgiveness, and Justice (Guinness)

 In chapter 5 of his excellent book, Carpe Diem Redeemed, Os Guinness makes a great point that true justice does not have hatred as its fuel: ...Hatred poisons society and holds the hater captive as mercilessly as any ancient Pharaoh, Southern overseer, modern tyrant, or sexual predator.  Will the United States ever transcend racism and sexism?… Continue reading Hatred, Forgiveness, and Justice (Guinness)

God’s Wrath, God’s Love, and the Cross (Carson)

 God's love and his wrath are on display throughout the Bible.  I realize "the wrath of God" sounds harsh in many people's ears, but it clearly is a teaching of the Bible.  It's a teaching that has to do with the perfect justice of God.  Here's how Don Carson well explained the love and wrath of… Continue reading God’s Wrath, God’s Love, and the Cross (Carson)