Monday Meditation: Psalm 51:12a (Warfield)

Most of our readers are familiar with Psalm 51. This is the Psalm David wrote after his deeply sinful thoughts and actions in the terrible Bathsheba affair. David's sin grieved him greatly and he sought out forgiveness from God. In Psalm 51:12 David prayed, "Restore to me the joy of your salvation" [NIV]. Aroundn one… Continue reading Monday Meditation: Psalm 51:12a (Warfield)

The Joy of Conversion (Sproul)

Here's an autobiographical note from R. C. Sproul in his book, Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow. I've read these paragraphs a few times and they still bring a smile to my face when I read them again. The time of greatest joy in my life was my conversion to Christ, the defining moment… Continue reading The Joy of Conversion (Sproul)

The Pleasantness of A Religious Life (Henry)

Following Jesus isn't always easy. Self-denial and cross-bearing take effort, stamina, and mental strength. Struggling with personal sin is a daily fight. Bearing reproach for the name of Jesus is a hard trial. But over and above these things, the Christian life is full of peace, joy, happiness, comfort, meaning, purpose, and love. Speaking of… Continue reading The Pleasantness of A Religious Life (Henry)

Great Grace and a Swelling Tone of Joy! (Warfield)

Scripture teaches that the way of salvation begins and ends with God's grace (John 1:16, Rom. 11:6; 1 Cor. 15:10, etc.). We are justified and saved by grace alone. This truth gives the Christian great joy! I like how B. B. Warfield talked about this. Note how he links together grace and joy: It belongs… Continue reading Great Grace and a Swelling Tone of Joy! (Warfield)

Pained by Our Pleasures (Or: What Our Joys Reveal)

Joy isn't quite as simple an emotion as we might first think. In fact, there's what we could call "perverse joy," a delight when someone else gets hurt. But then there's also joy that is delight when something good happens to a loved one. And, of course, there's joy as Scripture speaks about it. On… Continue reading Pained by Our Pleasures (Or: What Our Joys Reveal)