God’s Promise to Preserve His People (Owen)

In his treatise On Temptation, John Owen spent much time expositing the Bible's teaching on temptation. Specifically, Owen referred to Mt. 26:41 & Rev. 3:10. At one point, Owen discussed God's promise to preserve his people - the promise John mentions in Rev. 3:10. Here are Owen's remarks: Now, in every promise there are three… Continue reading God’s Promise to Preserve His People (Owen)

Justifying Faith: Receiving Christ (Owen)

When the Westminster Confession explains justifying faith, it uses the term "receiving."  Here's chapter XI.2: "Faith, thus receiving and resting on Christ and his righteousness, is the alone instrument of justification..." (emphasis mine).  The Heidelberg Catechism also uses this word in answer 30: "For either Jesus is not a complete Savior, or they who by… Continue reading Justifying Faith: Receiving Christ (Owen)

Preaching and Application (Owen)

Solid Christian [biblical!] preaching always has application.  Seminary lectures and perhaps Sunday School lessons might not always have application, but a good sermon must.  John Owen makes this point in his commentary on Hebrews as he notes that and how chapter 12 is tightly connected to chapter 11.  (Note: the word “use” below is a… Continue reading Preaching and Application (Owen)

Increasing Our Spiritual Gifts (John Owen)

Owen, vol. 4 God gives his people spiritual gifts so his people can bless others and bring him glory. Peter tells us to use our gifts to serve one another (1 Pet. 4:10). But the Christian might ask a question: How do we receive spiritual gifts or how do the spiritual gifts we have grow… Continue reading Increasing Our Spiritual Gifts (John Owen)

Our Wills: Created and Corrupted (Owen)

 In Reformed theology, following Augustine and ultimately Paul/Scripture, we deny the Arminian position that all people have free will which gives them the power and innate ability to believe in Christ as they wish.  John Owen brilliantly countered this Arminian position of free will in his book, A Display of Arminianism. Below is a section of chapter… Continue reading Our Wills: Created and Corrupted (Owen)