The Guidance of the Holy Spirit (Murray)

Christians sometimes wonder what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit or to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is a big topic for sure! But one thing to note is that God the Holy Spirit always works in, through, and according to his word. That is, the Spirit of God… Continue reading The Guidance of the Holy Spirit (Murray)

The Passive Obedience of Christ (Murray)

In Reformed theology we sometimes talk about the passive obedience of Christ. This is a reference to Jesus' suffering in the place of and for sinners. But we do need to know what "passive obedience" means and what it does not mean. Here's a nice explanation of this phrase by John Murray: The term “passive… Continue reading The Passive Obedience of Christ (Murray)

The Sovereignty of the Holy Spirit in Regeneration (Murray)

 More than a few times in the New Testament John writes about being born of the Spirit or born of God (e.g. John 1:13, John 3:5-8, 1 John 2:29, 3:9, etc.).  We call this regeneration, a work of God's power and grace in giving spiritual life to someone who was dead in sin.  The Holy… Continue reading The Sovereignty of the Holy Spirit in Regeneration (Murray)

The Infallibility of Scripture (Murray)

 I appreciate how John Murray discussed the infallibility of Scripture in an address he gave to students in the Inter-Varsity Fellowship around 1960.  Here are a few excerpts of his speech: "The doctrine of the infallibility of Scripture is derived from the witness of Scripture.  It is equally necessary to bear in mind that this… Continue reading The Infallibility of Scripture (Murray)

The Relationship between Systematic Theology and Practical Theology (Murray)

John Murray explained the relationship between systematic theology and practical theology so well in his charge to Edmund Clowney when Clowney was installed as professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary (1963). Here's what Murray said: Practical theology is principally systematic theology brought to practical expression and application. And this means the whole counsel… Continue reading The Relationship between Systematic Theology and Practical Theology (Murray)