People as Commodities

 If you're looking for a fascinating study on how consumerism, capitalism, and Madison avenue have contributed to the watering down of Christianity, you'll have to get Following Christ in a Consumer Society by John Kavanaugh.  I like the subtitle of the book: "The Spirituality of Cultural Resistance."  While I disagree with parts of his Catholic ecclesiology… Continue reading People as Commodities

Following Jesus in a Consumer Society

 This is quite a powerful book: Following Christ in a Consumer Society - The Spirituality of Cultural Resistance (2nd rev. ed) by the Jesuit priest, John F. Kavanaugh (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2006).  Originally written in 1981 and updated twice (1991 & 2006), this book is a serious unmasking of the consumerist powers that be.  Kavanaugh points out the dominate traits… Continue reading Following Jesus in a Consumer Society