When Grief Goes Too Far (Flavel)

After Saul's kingship seriously goes down the drain, the Lord rejects Saul as king over Israel. You can read the story in 1 Samuel 15. At the end of this story, Samuel grieves over Saul. In fact, Samuel's grief or mourning is noted twice - once in 1 Samuel 15:35 and also 1 Samuel 16:1.… Continue reading When Grief Goes Too Far (Flavel)

The Duty Ours, The Power is God’s (Flavel)

When it comes to the mysterious providence of God and trials that come our way in his providence, we need to submit to his will (even when it's hard to do!). We need the faith to say, "Lord, you know best; thy will be done." How can we do that? It's easier said than done… Continue reading The Duty Ours, The Power is God’s (Flavel)

[Not] Prying into the Secrets of Providence (Flavel)

 One basic but difficult truth in the Christian faith is this: we can't always interpret or understand providence.  We sometimes have no idea why certain things happened when they did; we don't know why they happened how they did.  This fact stretches and tests our faith.  Why did my kids get terribly ill but no… Continue reading [Not] Prying into the Secrets of Providence (Flavel)

Keeping the Heart In Time of Adversity

In this great little book, Keeping the Heart, John Flavel (d. 1691) gives an exposition and application of Proverbs 4:23: “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.”  After explaining how “keeping the heart” means fighting sin and staying close to the Lord, Flavel applies the text to… Continue reading Keeping the Heart In Time of Adversity

Puritan Treasures for Today

  I recently purchased three books from Reformation Heritage's series called "Puritan Treasures for Today."  I'm familiar with these authors (Greenhill, Swinnock, and Flavel), so I was interested to see if these books are advertised correctly: are they readable for today's average Christian?  In a word, and having read two of the three, yes, they are… Continue reading Puritan Treasures for Today