In The Beginning When God “Began” to Create…?

If you look at the first words in the 1985 JPS (Jewish Publication Society) Tanakh, you'll notice this translation: "When God began to create heaven and earth...." Almost all other English translations - including the 1917 JPS Tanakh - translate Genesis 1:1 something like this: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...."… Continue reading In The Beginning When God “Began” to Create…?

ANE Literature, the OT, and Polemics (Currid)

 In the past 125 years or so, archaeologists have found much literature and many artifacts from ancient places and cultures such as Egypt, Assyria, Ugarit, Mesopotamia, and so on. The field of ancient Near East studies is growing every year.  It's hard to keep up! In light of these recent findings, archaeologists and scholars have… Continue reading ANE Literature, the OT, and Polemics (Currid)