Will the Lord Leave Him? (Bunyan)

 Most readers of this blog are familiar with these phrases: "Prone to wander, Lord I feel it; prone to leave the God I love."  As a Christian, if you truly know your own heart, you know the reality of these words.  You know that things in this world have a strong pull and sometimes they… Continue reading Will the Lord Leave Him? (Bunyan)

The Father’s Grace (Bunyan)

 The phrase "saved by grace" is one that is rich with meaning and comfort.  John Bunyan noted well that saying "saved by the grace of God" means "saved by the grace of the triune God."  He then took some time to explain the grace of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in salvation.… Continue reading The Father’s Grace (Bunyan)

When Sin Turns into an Affliction (Bunyan)

Israel's complaining and grumbling began early on in the wilderness years. In fact, if my count is correct, they complained around 5 times in the first year or so after God rescued them from Egypt.  In one instance of their grumbling, God gave Israel what they whined for: meat to eat.  In fact, God said… Continue reading When Sin Turns into an Affliction (Bunyan)

Faith and Hope Compared (Bunyan)

 As many of you know, the name of one character in Pilgrim's Progress was Hope.  Hope very much helped Christian on the way to the Celestial City.  Speaking of Hope - and John Bunyan's writing - here's an excellent biblical comparison Bunyan made of faith and hope.  I've edited it a bit to make it… Continue reading Faith and Hope Compared (Bunyan)

Little Pilgrim’s Progress

Since the original language of Pilgrim’s Progress is too archaic for many of today’s readers, and since I wanted my children to read and understand it, I looked around for an easier to read version or abridgment.  I know there are a few out there, but one that we really like is Little Pilgrim’s Progress… Continue reading Little Pilgrim’s Progress