“He Is Able To Save…” (Bunyan)

Hebrews 7:25 says this: Therefore He is able also to save forever [completely, to the uttermost] those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them (NASB). Here are some helpful comments on this verse by John Bunyan: I shall now show you something of what it is… Continue reading “He Is Able To Save…” (Bunyan)

A Few Bunyan Quotes on Prayer

I just read part of John Bunyan's "Dying Sayings." A few of his quotes on prayer stuck out. I think you'll appreciate these as well - short but sweet! When thou prayest, rather let thy hearts be without words, than thy words without a heart.Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or sin will… Continue reading A Few Bunyan Quotes on Prayer

Good Deeds, Bad Deeds, and God’s Grace (Bunyan)

John Bunyan made a great point about saving grace in the following excerpt from "Saved by Grace." I was going to summarize it here, but I'll just let you read it and think about it on your own. The English is a little dated, but it's a great truth! Here's Bunyan: Are men saved by… Continue reading Good Deeds, Bad Deeds, and God’s Grace (Bunyan)

Bunyan on Sin, Prayer, the Sabbath, and Heaven

Today while reading through John Bunyan's "Dying Sayings" I found some quotes that I thought our readers might appreciate. Here are a few notes from Bunyan on sin, prayer, the Sabbath, and heaven: Take heed of giving thyself liberty of committing one sin, for that will lead thee to another; till, by an ill custom,… Continue reading Bunyan on Sin, Prayer, the Sabbath, and Heaven

Bunyan’s Prison Poem and Comfort in Death

When John Bunyan was in prison in 1665 he wrote a poem called "Prison Meditations Directed to the Heart of Suffering Saints and Reigning Sinners." Here's a part of it I thought our readers would appreciate: 5. I am, indeed, in prison nowIn body, but my mindIs free to study Christ, and howUnto me he… Continue reading Bunyan’s Prison Poem and Comfort in Death