Thoughts on “Reformed Systematic Theology” by Beeke/Smalley

  I've always enjoyed reading various Systematic Theologies (STs). Whether in the Reformed tradition (e.g. Berkhof or Bavinck) or in the evangelical tradition (e.g. Grudem or Bird), I like to see how various theologians summarize the Bible's various doctrines. I recently took time to read various parts of Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley's new Reformed Systematic… Continue reading Thoughts on “Reformed Systematic Theology” by Beeke/Smalley

A Soft Critique of “A Puritan Theology”

There are many parts of A Puritan Theology that are simply outstanding (which I’ve mentioned before here on the blog).  As a whole, this book is a great resource that serves as an extended intro to the theology of the Puritans.  However, as I’ve been reading sections of it, I do have some concerns.  Before… Continue reading A Soft Critique of “A Puritan Theology”

The Precious Promises of God

Chapter 26 of A Puritan Theology is a wonderful resource on believing, applying, and praying God’s covenant promises.  The chapter is broken down into two main sections: the right understanding of God’s promises and the right use of these promises.  In other words, we should know God’s gospel promises and we should rightly apply them… Continue reading The Precious Promises of God

Richard Baxter: A Strange Theological Mix

Richard Baxter (d. 1691) was a pastor and prolific writer who, broadly speaking, was a Puritan.  However, unlike many other Puritans, he rejected some key aspects of Reformed theology.  Here’s how Beeke and Pederson summarize: “Baxter’s writings are a strange theological mix.  He was one of a few Puritans whose doctrines of God’s decrees, atonement,… Continue reading Richard Baxter: A Strange Theological Mix

Meditations on the Incarnation

In May of 2012 I gave a short list of day-by-day devotionals I recommend (see HERE).  Since then, I’ve come across a few more I’d recommend; I’ll update that list sooner than later and perhaps make it a dedicated page here on the blog (like I did with the kids’ books). For now, I’d like… Continue reading Meditations on the Incarnation