Biblical Support for Christ’s Deity

In his excellent book, Without a Doubt, Ken Samples provides a brief list of Scripture texts which attest to the deity of Jesus Christ.  This list, as Ken notes, is incomplete, but it is a good start.  Here are some texts you may want to study for the next time you encounter a proponent of… Continue reading Biblical Support for Christ’s Deity

Who Is Jesus? Thinking Rightly of Christ

If you’re looking for a solid, biblical, and historic Christian book that is a basic study of who Jesus is, you’ll have to get this one: Thinking Rightly of Christ by Bryan Holstrom.  (Side note: Andrew has interviewed Bryan here before, and noted another helpful book he has written, namely, Infant Baptism and the Silence… Continue reading Who Is Jesus? Thinking Rightly of Christ

The Guarantee of the Gospel

I learned the gospel from Martin Luther: "...He who wants to be saved and go to heaven when he dies must think and say: 'Have mercy on me, gracious God. I am a poor, sinful being who has merited nothing but wrath. But whether my life was good or evil, I know that I need… Continue reading The Guarantee of the Gospel